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Large building from above

In the pursuit of a personal injury claim, it is generally very important for claimants to have access to their own health care records. The absence of health care records can make it very hard for people to document their injuries and symptoms. However, obtaining proper documentation can be time-consuming, difficult and expensive if you don’t know the law.

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sky view of mariners stadium

Ah, Seattle sports fans have not always had it that easy. We lost the Seattle Pilots Major League Baseball (MLB) Franchise to Milwaukee in 1970. Of course, in this more modern era, we lost the Seattle Supersonics in 2008 to Oklahoma City in a notorious relocation battle.

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Attorney Paul Schneiderman

Lawyers can get a certain type of bad rap, and the stereotypes have not been kind to us over the decades. Sure, some attorneys can be greedy and abrasive, and not every lawyer is a noble member of the profession.

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